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Russian Customer Services – Way to build trust for your company

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Russian customer services are used to increase customer’s trust and loyalty for your company by communicating with them in Russian language. Customers believe you only if they knew that you are present whenever they need you. Outsourcing customer services helps you to provide quality customer service to your Russian customers 24 hours.

Pre-sales Customer services: – Outsourcing Russian Customer Services gives your customer confidence in the product or services you are selling as skilled and experienced staff answers the queries and doubts of customers efficiently in their own language that arises in their mind before purchasing the product or services. When customers know that there is someone who can assist and guide them before purchasing the product, they trust the company and make positive move. Expert staff of Multilingual Call Center (MCC) has the talent and skills to convert prospects into customers.

Post sales services: – Pre-sales customer services are important to acquire customers but post sales customer services are also necessary for customer retention and branding image of your company in market. After purchasing goods customer needs assistance for assembling the product, more knowledge about the product, how to use the product or more details about the services or products. The customer trusts you when they know there is someone who can listen to their grievances. MCC has skilled agents who can take the best care of your customers in their mother tongue. 

Outsourcing Russian Customer Services to multilingual call center provides you a wide range of services including inbound calling, DRTV, Live web chat, technical support services, order taking services, and phone answering services in native language of Russia which build trust among customers and confidence for your company.

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