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Unstopped French Call Center Services during COVID-19

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Multilingual Call center has been providing unstopped French Call center Services even during COVID-19 with the help of our IT experts. We had shifted allthe call center services including inbound/outbound calling services on cloud based software to provide unstopped services from the remote area. Our French call center department had worked dedicatedly in collaboration to serve our clients. They transferred call center software, local data base drive, firewall server, CRM system on cloud system to access it from remote area.

How French Call Center Employees worked from home?

Our French Call center employees worked from home with the same efficiency to serve the French speaking people in French language. Our French Call Center serviceswent non-stop without any disturbances. The agents worked from remote area to build the bridge between the customers and company and helpedto maintain the business flow regularly by catering the people in their native language French.

Thecloud based software is accommodated with internet access and helped the employees to provide order taking services, lead generation services and customer support services with the same accuracy and speed as before. Working from home saved the time and pressure of employees so they put extra effort to provide best results. The employees worked in the guidance of strict supervision even when they are working from home. Our clients were happy and got same quality services.

French Call Center Office is opened with full safety

MCC has opened French Call Center office with complete safety like maintaining social distances, sanitizing the office regularly, compulsory mask wearing, stopping of biometric signature. As now everyone is also aware about the pandemic effects and how to take care of themselves so they are cooperatingfor maintaining safety. We are prepared for every situation and always provided unstopped French Call Center services to our clients.

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