Hindi Multilingual Call Center Support

MCC provides Multilingual Call Centre services to International companies those have Indians as their clients. Hindi is first official language of India which is most widely spoken and understandable by each Indian citizen. MCC is established in Delhi which is Hindi spoken region so you can have best Hindi spoken staff that can take best care of your local customer. With us you can market your product in the local language Hindi which can build confidence in them for your company.

Top Class Multilingual Services in Hindi

MCC provide multilingual Hindi call center services for both inbound and outbound services like appointment setting, technical helpdesks, email and chat support and moreto take care of your customer who speaks and understand Hindi. Hindi call center in India helps to be familiar with purchasing behaviour of local people of India. Our company is well acquainted with the marketing tactics of the local consumers market and can guide you in the appropriate manner. Our Hindi call center agents speak in informal language and make the customers feel comfortable, and ensure their interaction with the company goes smoothly. Our professionals have been mastering the art with a great variety of clients and customers for several years. You can get more business leads by outsourcing Multilingual Services in Hindi.

We can establish best possible connection between customers and your business as our staff has local knowledge, human insight and personal interactions which keep them happy.

KimmunicatePlus (UK company) reviewed our Hindi Phone Service for them

Why us for Hindi Call Centers Services ?

Hindi Call Center Agents

Multilingual Call Centre is deployed in India which is an advantage for us to find Hindi speaking agents easily to communicate on your behalf with the native Hindi speaking people to expand your market.

Choose Shared or Dedicated Agents

We helps in providing call center services within your budget as you can choose from shared basis (agents at less rate, work for multiple clients) or dedicated agents(focus on one client only).

Culture of Hindi speaking counties

We have experienced Hindi speaking agent’s extensive knowledge in Hindi language as Hindi is the main language of India. We help International companies to expand their market all over India and near by countries.

Bilingual Hindi Call Center Services

We offers Hindi bilingual call center services to their clients to spread their business world wide to understand the different language spoken by the people. Like English and Hindi or Russian and Hindi, Spanish and Hindi, French and Hindi, German and Hindi. Our agent will communicate effectively with the people on your behalf and translate it accurately.

Account Management and QA team

Our dedicated management team is in touch to ensure the quality of services provided to you is beyond the standards.

We are the right size for your project

We provide staff from 1 to 3000. You can start with any volume and scale up according to your need.

Business Experience in different Industries

We are providing services from health care to beauty product, from education to charity services. We have worked for tourism, accountant firms and consumer electronics.

Scalable Services

We provide flexibility to their clients to easily scale their services according to their needs. You can start with single agent and move up to any numbers. We are able to handle high volume of calls.

Flexible Hours of Operation

We offer call center service according to your requirement. It can be 24x7x365, 12x7x365, 8×5, after hours, etc.

Cost saving

You will save your money on setting call center in India of your own with a valid reason that we provide robust and secure data system.

Multiple Contact Channels

We are expert at delivering Multilingual services via Phone, E-mail, Live Chat and Social Media.